From Old English, pronounced “fain” meaning: 
Joyful, rejoicing 
Used in the following sense:
“to make attractive”
Fægen began in 2015, initially by working as a freelance architectural designer, draughtsman and consultant on a variety of projects, George Williams created Fægen in order to generate income while studying for his Part II Masters in architecture
Off the back of these projects the company has evolved and now exists as Fægen Ltd and works in collaboration with other architects, contractors, freelancers, designers and students to deliver projects across the sector
Offering architectural, furniture, joinery, and product design as well as traditional project management, planning permission/building control and consultancy services to private clients, businesses and larger companies
Fægen Limited are currently working on several projects at varying stages of the design and construction process 
On site: Across the UK including Wales, Herefordshire & Europe
Where necessary: Digital media, instantaneous communications & cloud based servers mean 24/7 working is possible from any location with a secure and stable internet connection - A tried and tested method when the company was based out of Tajikistan for 6mo
In June 1994 Ryevale Warden Teake, a family bred pedigree Holstein from a small dairy herd Herefordshire won the supreme champion at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. An unlikely feat considering the level of competition. Fain Holsteins were the herd, named after the suffix of familial home, Gwylordyfain
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